Bobby McFerrin

NEA Jazz Master, Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Award and 10 time Grammy-Winner

Alex Logaiski - AL1_3017

Ms. Lisa Fischer

Powerhouse Vocalist and 2 time Grammy-Winner

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Original Artists

Founded by the esteemed jazz singer and Grammy-Winner Linda Goldstein in 1977, Original Artists has long been a leading force in various vibrant music scenes. With an unwavering commitment to uncovering exceptional talent, Goldstein’s keen eye and passion for music led her to the remarkable discovery of Bobby McFerrin, a true icon in the industry. As an NEA Jazz Master, NARIS Lifetime Award Winner, and recipient of 10 Grammy Awards, McFerrin’s success exemplified the caliber of artists Original Artists sought to champion.


Throughout our illustrious history, Original Artists has collaborated with a diverse range of exceptional musicians, including renowned artists like Laurie Anderson, Cyndi Lauper, and David Byrne. With Goldstein’s expertise in production and artist development, the company has consistently nurtured and propelled these talents to new heights.


Today, Original Artists continues to make its mark on the music landscape, working with artists such as Lisa Fischer, Grand Baton, Louis Cato, and orchestrating collaborations with orchestras, as well as making waves through partnerships with international sensations like Karol G. With an unwavering dedication to originality, innovation, and artistic excellence, Original Artists remains at the forefront of the music industry, continuously shaping and influencing the careers of talented musicians worldwide.

Meet the Team

Linda Goldstein

CEO | Producer | Manager

Adam Jones

Tour Manager | Production

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